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What is an affiliate program and why would I want to join one?

An affiliate program is a business relationship between a website who sells a product to a webmaster (a person who owns a website / blog / forum) where the webmaster promoted the product and receives commission for each sell. the commission can be either a one time payment (CPA - cost per acquisition) or revenue (percentages from the current and future sell of the product).

Top reason of joining an affiliate program: It's Free and You will make Money!

Types of available Gambling Affiliate Programs:

Casino Affiliate Program

Poker Affiliate Program

There is also the Bingo Affiliate Program which we consider as one as the Casino affiliate programs.

We have a selection of what we think are the best ones here for you to benefit from, Oh and one of the most important things, longevity. We have seen a lot of affiliate brokers and casinos go belly up or just plain disappear over the years, and so we do have a sandbox into which they go for at least a couple of years until we are pretty sure that they are a good bet. These are the best we can offer you.

Affiliated Web - Superb custom ability -  Make your own casino - in English, Greek, French, Spanish, German, Chinese
Affiliatedweb online casino refferal affiliate programme

ReferBack  - Good and early affiliate program for both US and European players. Supports Japanese and mainstream European languages.

Referback affiliate casino programmes



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