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We have 2 choices for United States of America players, you can either download the casino software onto your computers hard drive or you can play using flash. This means that you don't actually download the casino software onto your computer but play with it online. Please be aware that gambling is illegal in some states in America, it is your responsibility to make sure that you keep within the law in your state.

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This saves you a bit of time and also makes you feel more secure that nothing is going onto your computer that you don't want there. There may be a problem with the flash version depending on your security settings, popups will need to be enabled to play using the flash version. Whichever you decide to play you will find that the games are an excellent quality, the payouts are quick and efficient and the overall experience is just as exciting as being in a real casino but you can get a nice cup of homemade coffee whenever you want to.

Choose the download above, the flash online casino below ( this is with secure socket layer mode meaning more security for you)  or try them both.

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